Talk Like A Pirate Day Cheat Sheet

In honor of today being “National Talk Like A Pirate Day”, we put together a list of essential terms and phrases that you might hear when you run into one of those sea faring individuals. Here are some of the essentials to get you started:

Ahoy!: Hello!

Avast!: A sense of surprise — stop what you're doing and give it attention. "Wow!" or "Check it out!

Arrr!: Never argh, which is a sound of disgruntlement. There are a few things which translate as "arr," such as "yes," or "I agree." It can also be used as a term of contentment, or recognizing another pirate's cleverness.

Lad/Lass: A younger boy or girl.

Matey: A companion or friend.

Savvy: A sense of understanding. "Once ye read 'tis guide, ye'll be scurvy pirate savvy.

Smartly: Do something quickly. "Instagram me treasure smartly — and put a toaster filter, me matey!

Need something else translated? Check out and put in any phrase you need translated!

Sink me! Have a fine day ye Scallywag! (Have a great day you Scallywag!)